The report of the review versions of Google Associated in 2019

Revealed the latest reports on the products scheduled to be launched by the search giant Google through 2019, which include smart phones from the series Pixel to the side of the H Pixel from among other products.

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Used Google this year to launch an intermediate version of smart phones which displays the B Pixel 3 Lite, today appeared more details about the Google products associated with it via the Nikkei, where it is expected to provide ideas expected of smart phones at a lower price of $ 749, or the pricing ranges between $ 500 to $ 650.

Also planning Google to launch new versions of the speaker’s smart decision to apply to markets titled Google Home Mini, also the report indicates that Google has a smart watch reveal in 2019, which is expected to come with the Pixel business also.

Also among the products the launch of Google this year, the web camera, where he confirmed the report that Google has a new version of the surveillance cameras Nest, as it is one of the important announcements certainly this year in the possible versions of the phones Pixel, where this year’s offering Pixel 4 وPixel 4 XL.

Recall that the report did not mention a specific date to detect these new versions of Google+, however, the projections indicate that the first ads will be during the conference, Google Developers I/O, which is held during the month of May, which reveal also about the new version of the operating system landed.


I know of

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