The report of the WSJ confirms the presence of a lot of false information in the application Google Maps

Confirmed the Wall Street Journal in a new report recently published that the Google Maps application contains a lot of erroneous information, where the number of Service and trade companies pseudo and registered in the Google Maps application to 11 million.

There is no doubt that Google Maps application is a tool that supports a lot of users worldwide in the development or search for a destination, but that the report of the newspaper Wall Street last pointed out that the app contains a recorded information service or commercial enterprise there is no basis on the ground, which now number almost 11 million.

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The report confirmed Wall Street that Google Maps application is now getting a lot of fraud in the form of a draft and false have registered in the app, the report also noted that the data pseudo-business phone numbers or address etc. of information are recorded per month in the Google Maps application.

By the last report Wall Street for a lot of reasons that drive users to register false data in business is fake, Where do some companies create fake pages for its competitors to mislead the customers, while created some other pages to attract users to the company is real or fake.

Among these businesses and enterprises Phantom was monitoring the fake company to offer their services to do the repairs, where I spotted this a phantom company by a federal employee recently.

I have responded to the search giant to offer the Wall Street Journal by identifying lists of business services companies false or that lead to fraud on the users, Google also confirmed the inclusion of new tools to ensure the credibility of companies that are recording their own data in the Google Maps application.


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