The report reveals the development of fixed the problem of the Galaxy Fold

Started the Korean giant during the financial period to fix problems that came in the units preview of the Galaxy Fold which has been replaced in preparation for the launch of the phone to users, in a new report today revealed the development of Fix phone screen and other problems.

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Interface Samsung an obstacle in the launch of the Galaxy Fold to the users after the appearance of defects in the units, which led to the postponement of the start of the charging units of the Galaxy Fold without an appointment to another users.

In a report out of Korea today has been a parade of developments that reached by the Samsung in the repair and address the problem of the phone, where the report noted that Samsung has directed its focus is mainly to fix two major flaws in the phone units.

The problem comes first in the Galaxy Fold in the shattered fragments that found the bottom of the screen which link to the spacers led to the non-validity of a screen for work or folding and extension at the optimum.

While come to the second problem in the protective layer of the company which is easily removed which leads to damaging the screen, and in the development of the repair the first problem in the breaks screen Samsung is working on the lower part breaks the screen on the Galaxy Fold to prevent differences dust etc. causes lead to give the work the nuances of the work.

While trying to Samsung to address the problem of easy removal of the protective layer to the phone by bending the ends of the energy to the inside, which poses a difficulty removed by the users, along with a sticker warning users to refer to the seriousness of removing this energy.

Recall that Samsung has yet to announce a specific date for the launch units of the Galaxy Fold to users, however, this report may indicate the approaching launch date of the phone already.


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