The report reveals the price and release the Samsung rollaway

تقرير يكشف سعر وموعد صدور هاتف سامسونج القابل للطي

We’ve talked about the official announcement by the company Samsung about its new phone rollaway which was unveiled during the company’s developers a few days ago, the main purpose of the conference is to open that new Intelligent Personal Assistant work Korean giant “piece,” which the campaign also unveiled the phone’s collapsible and you can learn more about this conference by reading the following theme: “officially: the first foldable phone from Samsung“.

And a report from South Korean news agency contains the date of the issuance of the new phone rollaway in addition to the proposed price and also the proposed name which is expected to be the “Galaxy F” as an abbreviation of the word Foldable no folding is expected to be put a new phone in the market during the month of March of next year 2019, shortly after the company announced the tenth version of its phone flagship and belongs to the S series the months which carries the number 10 this time.

According to the agency, the South Korean, company Samsung will not use on new phone price is final but it would end for the class of devices exclusive A unlike series phones S which afraid by Samsung everyone, the new phone has up its price to around 1770 USD category first phone was the CEO of the company Mr. DJ Koh has talked about targeting the company to sell about a million pieces of her new folding through 2019 may consider this as a new boom in the market of smartphones and portable.

It is assumed that the company Samsung in a phone of its new Galaxy S10 during the company’s conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain near the end of next February will be the phone has a full support for touch 5G and we talked about the company’s intention to invade the field of fifth-generation new fully both by manufacturing and selling its devices and infrastructure with the technology of the new carriers in addition to their support in advance of on its phones, which represent a major force in the smartphone market, or about the phone rollaway will come about a month after the flagship phone without the support of the 5G as stated in the report will it affect sales of the phone rollaway The sales of the product version of the S10’s?

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