The report reveals the price of the materials put Galaxy S10

Started the mystery surrounding the family of Galaxy S10 coming from Samsung’s disappearance recently, but it is not wise to take anything for granted in this period, while the overall design and the screen size difference between the cameras S10 the S10 + the S10 Lite info.

Today, the report reveals Gizmodo UK new of the most important information such as a date asking prices and storage spaces, where the alleged report that the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled in February 2019, has the company organizes a special event several days before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and specifically, on February 20 next.

It is supposed to start pre-booking immediately announced, which is not surprising, since it is scheduled to start operations the actual sale on March 8, but it is unclear whether these dates related to the British only, or in global markets.

As for the price in the British market, it is expected that prices start at 669 pounds, and it is clear that the model would be that the price is the Galaxy S10 Lite, which will come with a flat-screen 5.8 inch and internal storage space of 128 gigabytes, while the Galaxy S10 will come with a screen size of 6.1 inch is priced at 799 £ 999 £ for the two 128 gigabytes 512 gigabytes, respectively.

Finally, it is expected that Galaxy S10 Plus three versions, ranging in prices between 899 £ copy 128 gigabytes, and 1,099 £ ratio of 512 gigabytes, and the top with a storage capacity of 1 TB with 1,399 pounds.

Now before you start the conversion price to the wind and the shock is strong, you should know that the areas of Smart does not work like this, instead, if this information is accurate, it must be the price of Galaxy S10 Lite approximately 2,512 Sar, while will range prices version S10 regular the S10+ between 2,995 and 5,246 real almost, and it may be your version that will come screen measuring 6.7 inch is the highest price of the six cameras.

The source confirmed an internal network that would contain the fingerprint reader ultrasonic inside the screen, plus the ability to charge other devices wirelessly and the advantage likely to allow Powershare, as it will not contain the scanner of the iris, and the network supports the fifth generation at all, but as always we are still waiting for more information and assurances about the phones ahead.

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