The report says that Apple decided to postpone some of the features of iOS 12 major until next year

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You’re supposed to say Apple slide the curtain officially on the iOS system 12 at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2018 to be held later this year. As you probably know, the company Apple offers major new features with every major version of iOS, but it seems that this won’t be the case this year.

In fact, we have released today a new report from the website of Axios to the effect that Apple decided to postpone some of the key features that was supposed to arrive with iOS system 12 until the year 2019, and instead to focus on improving the performance and reliability of iOS 12. The report says that Apple’s vice president, Mr. Craig Federighi is the one who told the software department in the company by focusing on performance, reliability, and postpone the addition of the main features of the system until next year.

Some of the features of iOS 12, which has been postponed until next year to find the main interface is updated, and the experience of CarPlay, improved, as well as improvements relating to the amendment and share photos, apply Mail the new. Regardless, there is still the report says that the iOS system 12 will bring with it some significant improvements, but it will launch other aspects such as augmented reality, client parental. It would be logical for Apple to take this step because they know in recent years many critics because of its deliberate and slow phones iPhone old.

Whether this step will succeed or not is another matter entirely because some members of the panel were not convinced that these changes will improve the stability of the year. Overall, Apple didn’t confirm or deny this report so far.



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