The researchers of MIT developed a system for three-dimensional printing using a glass

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Developed by researchers at MIT and the MIT machine for three-dimensional printing using molten glass, which is capable of producing large amounts of materials with high accuracy.

Published researchers MIT, the Chikara name, Michael Sterk, Daniel Lizardo, Peter Hook, see Oxman, the document disclose a system of the nature of glass the three dimensions, a feature that provides greater control much in the hot materials and the final product.

The researchers explained that the new system, named “guide B2” G3DP2 is a new platform to adopt the technology of “additive manufacturing” is used molten glass that combines thermal control system, three-point and integrated digitally with the system to control the movement in four axes.

Added researchers MIT that the system offers the potential for production on an industrial scale with the production rate improved reliability, along with ensuring product accuracy and repeatability, all of which are not achievable by using glass.

The system uses a fund is closed, preheated contains melted glass, and another which turns heat where applied to the body. And color moving the transfer body to the bottom while edition with move the print head over it.

It is believed that this system is interesting because it is able to produce structures of transparent glass can be used for decoration or construction. It offers researchers particular attention to in the system of extrusion of glass to make sure it cools and crystallize without injection of impurities or structural problems.

The researchers of MIT in their document: “it may start in the future, by combining the advantages of the technique of additive manufacturing with many of the material properties unique to glass, such as transparency, strength and chemical stability, a vision of new models of building blocks multi-functional”.

The gate Arab News Technical the researchers of MIT developed a system for three-dimensional printing using a glass

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