The researchers recommend hadlich cryptocurrency in the absence of a strategy

The research group of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, presented a graph which reflects the influence of the most favorable days on the average annual yield of Bitcoin. As it turned out, a large part of the growth of the largest cryptocurrencies came only a few days a year. And if they miss, then the total average return of the asset on an annual basis, is not particularly impressive.

Whether hadlich cryptocurrency

According to the study Binance Research, investors in the portfolio which as at 7 December 2017, was not bitcoin, missed the biggest daily growth. Then the price of BTC per day increased by 3608 dollars, that is about 25 percent. Here’s a post from the Twitter research team.

The results of the study Binance. Source: Twitter

As the graph shows, if we exclude from the statistics the 10 most profitable days for Bitcoin, then the total profit from the asset in 2013 is reduced by 151 percent. If we exclude the 50 most profitable days, the yield is reduced to 1 percent.

In other words, the rejection holla and sale of coins will result in a loss of maximum profit.

Source: 2Биткоина

The cryptocurrency community on Twitter has reacted ambiguously to the study. One of the readers is justified noted that investors sold stocks coins January 6, 2018, lost profits from playing on the slide with the strongest fall of Bitcoin by 65 percent. As noted by another user, all of these market fluctuations clearly indicated how stabilini important for the future of the blockchain-Finance.

We will remind, courses tablconv pegged to the dollar and other currencies Vietnam. Accordingly, they are not affected by the falling Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in General.

Bitcoin is considered a risky investment. Only in the last three days of the largest cryptocurrency lost 1.5 percent. At the time of writing the price of the coin is 8623 dollars. This is at 5.6, and 15.1% less than a week and three months ago respectively. In this case a month ago the rate was lower at 7.83 percent.

The exchange rate of Bitcoin for the last three months. Source: CoinMarketCap

Of course, it is easy to evaluate and analyze after the fact when everything has already happened. In fact, to predict the future behavior of the stock market and Bitcoin in particular is impossible. If the experts will conduct more research and create new metrics for evaluation, investors will actually be able to move away from speculation and start maturely to invest in this asset. In the meantime, will have to decide whether to take the risk.

By the way, the problem of speculation yesterday has affected the founder VeChain Sonny Lu, who spoke at the conference BlockShow Asia 2019. He noted that the value of the tokens is mostly arbitrary, i.e., not tied to the actual results of activity of developers.

99 percent of the value of the token associated with speculation, and not the benefit solutions for companies. This leads to the fact that many startups spend a lot of time creating and “selling” tokens, but do not work on solutions, which are oriented initially.

With this in mind, the task becomes more complicated. Investment may not be justified, even if users will invest in a worthwhile project. After all, the exchange rate is influenced not only by the efforts of the team, but also the activity of traders.

Source: 2Биткоина

Conclusion from the study is clear: if you do not hudlite, you can miss the moment of the most active growth of the cryptocurrency rate. Accordingly, the investor will not be able to get the maximum profit and exit time of the asset that will result in the loss of potential income. In the end hodl can be considered as the basis for earning cryptocurrency. But not its guarantee.

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