The researchers want to use artificial intelligence to create a pizza perfect


Is cooking an art or a science? There are a lot of chefs who say cooking based on sensation and appearance, while others use science for their own good, leading them to create amazing creations such as molecular gastronomy, but it seems that in the Massachusetts Institute of technology, it seems that researchers believe that cooking is not an art but a science.

So much so that these researchers are looking to create artificial intelligence can make a Pizza ” Perfect ” based on their appearance only. This project name PizzaGAN, which aims to teach the computer how to make a pizza simply by identifying aspects of different cooking. This is done by feeding the artificial intelligence to various services for making pizza, such as massaging the dough and add sauce, cheese and other additions.

At the completion of each step, will change the image of pizza, and it is hoped to be able to artificial intelligence in the end of the recognition steps are then repeated. According to the paper, the research for this project, she says : ” by submitting photos only, is the training of artificial intelligence to create a visible layer need to be added to or removed from the current image. The proposed model is able to analyze the image to an ordered sequence of the layers by the application of removal units corresponding to the sequence in the correct order “.

Wouldn’t be the first time that the application of technology on the pizza. Just last month, the company announced the Domino’s they would use the camera systems in the process of making pizza own to improve the ” quality ” of pizza through to determine whether there are enough plugins, and if plugins are distributed correctly, and if there was the right amount of cheese, etc.

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