The resignation of the Vice President of products at snape

This topic is the resignation of the Vice President of products at snape appeared on Engadget.

“Tom Conrad” who served as Vice President of products at snape leaves the company and his resignation, having joined the company in March 2016, has made that step to spend some time outside of the technology industry, where he decided to spend some time and put his energy into music, food, photography and things closer to the art of entrepreneurship.

Snap’s vice president of product is leaving the company

Before coming to snape, it was “Conrad” employees for a long time in Pandora, where he served as Senior professional staff. In the snap, the “Conrad” placeholder trusted the CEO of the company Evan Spiegel.

Comes the departure of the “Conrad” in the midst of a major redesign of the application snapchat, which was introduced on a small percentage of users, after nearly two months of the advertisement, and the reviews have been building for the new negative, according to data from Analytics company SensorTower, where 83% of users of the new app gave the assessment of one star or two.


This topic is the resignation of the Vice President of products at snape appeared on Engadget.

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