The results of Apple’s third quarter for 2018 and beyond expectations

Can Apple tell big jump in its way to be the first public company worth a trillion dollars after having seen the shares rise significantly after Apple’s results for the third quarter of the fiscal year by the company between April and June.

This comes in spite of that the high sales of the iPhone has achieved only less than 1% so $ 41.3 million phones sold during the quarter which, with high yields by 20% to 29.91 million after the increase in the average selling price for iPhone 20% to 724 USD, as like the iPhone X flagship a quarter of sales of the company.

Though, say strategic analysts that Huawei has overtaken Apple by selling 54 million phones during the same period, what means that the Apple TV globally become the third largest smartphone companies globally with the survival of Samsung on the throne.

It was the reason behind the increased value of the shares is expected of Apple for the quarter which predicts the company to increase the sales of the iPhone between 14 to 18% during the last quarter of the current fiscal year, which means it ranges between 60 to 62 billion dollars.

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Skip the Apple to reveal the three new products include a new version of the iPhone X Screen 5.8 inch, a larger version of the iPhone X new screen 6.5 inch screen OLED for both, with the launch of another phone with LCD screen 6.1 inch be economic cost to paint 2018.

This has seen the Department hours Apple headphones earbuds wireless increase in revenue by 37% to $ 3.74 million, which is expected to say Apple sold 20.2 million units This year, up 20.2% from last year, at a time of declining sales of the iPad fell by 5% with low demand for tablets.

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Finally, has made Apple a huge success in the field of services also is hoping to reach sales of $ 50 million by the year 2020, having gained the company of $ 9.55 billion dollars of revenue paid services different, an increase of 31%, where these services include the Apple Music, which can defeat the application Spotify to broadcast music in terms of the number of paid subscriptions during the quarter the current.

It is worth mentioning that the Apple TV has seen an increase in income overall increased by 17% to sales 53.27 billion, while profits reached 11.52 million to acquire all the shares of the company to profit as much as 2.34$, which is consistent with the expectations of the company and the Wall Street bringing its market value to $ 956 million.

Source: WSJ – CNBC

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