The results of the income iPhone XR and XS and XS max

During the announcement of the iPhone Xs xs max, have contributed to Apple in talking about what adds his Wizard A12 to the performance compared to the iPhone X, but it didn’t mention the memory capacity of the random or Processor Speed.

Fortunately, the performance test on the platform of Geekbench to monitor the progress made by the A12 in the treatment process single-core and multi-core, and confirmed that the RAM capacity of 4 gigabytes in the iPhone Xs xs max and 3 gigabytes of address space in the Xr. This knowing that the performance of the Xs xs max one where the is no different the two phones except the screen and battery.

As you can see in the pictures below the A12 iPhone Xs max made 10266 point processing multi-core و4813 point processing single-core, while A12 iPhone Xr has been made 9367 processing multi-core و4754 treatment of mono-nuclear, a result very impressive. for processing on one core for the not submitted by the A11, while the difference is not large in the sense of programming multi-core as expected, with waiting for more details when you ask phones users 21 September.

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