The results of the intelligence tests – assistant to Apple’s Siri answering 83% of the questions!

Published company Loup Ventures for research the results of the IQ test annual between the months digital assistants, and test this year between the Assistant Apple Siri, the Assistant Google, and Assistant Amazon Alexa.

نتائج اختبارات الذكاء- سيري ومساعد جوجل و أليكسا

The results of IQ tests – Siri assistant Google and Alexa

Missed the news on the 800 questions have been directed to the aid of the three, the results are Misha from last year, can Siri answered 83% of questions correctly is superior to Alexa who won 79.8% of the answers correct, and was the lead for Google Assistant with 92.9% of correct answers!

Compared to last year’s results, I vary the arrangement something to keep all the intelligent assistant office as is, but new figures reflect how the development of artificial intelligence in the understanding and simulation of human beings, the past, the figures were 86% Assistant Google, 79% Assistant Apple TV, the Amazon Alexa chalked up to 61% .

تطور ذكاء Siri

The development of intelligent Siri

Been testing Siri on your iPhone running iOS 12.4 and Google Assistant on a Pixel XL and Alexa on the iOS app.

Based on the questions into five categories: local information (inquire about the nearest restaurant), trade and tolerance (ability of the plugin to process purchase requests), navigation (display directions), public information, system commands (make call at a specific time like). And questions the 800 itself to all the helpers.

نتائج إختبارات الذكاء -الأداء المُفصل في كل فئة

The results of IQ tests -performance detailed in each category

Finally, suspended the officials Test in Loup Ventures impressed with this great transformation accomplished by the intelligent assistant over the past few years, the company expects to see further improvements next year.

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