The results of the speed of the data connection in the iPhone XS

The most important difference between Android phones and iPhone is the speed of the connection to the data network of the fourth generation LTE, what pushed Samsung to the ridicule of the download speed in iPhone X.

It was published yesterday speed service contact SpeedSmart results of the speed of the iPhone XS/XS-Max using the network of the fourth generation compared to the iPhone X, to show the huge difference in speed thanks to the support of antennas 4X4 MIMO.

Doubled the connection speed for iPhone XS/XS, Max on networks main the United States more of the time than it is the iPhone X to to the download speed of maximum of 72 Meg gained/second instead of 29 Meg requests/second. It is true that tests the network connection to an American, but natural not to vary the amount of control on the other networks.

By comparing these results with the results of Ookla , which previously monitored the results of the connection speed of the phones processor Snapdragon 845 on the same network, the iPhone XS/XS-Max outperform also on Android phones, however, differences in platform evaluation speed and test standards may have an impact on the results, but we can say that iPhone is usually to keep the phones competition in the speed of the connection.

For phone for iPhone XR won’t find a marked improvement on the speed of the data connection where I change the antennas 2X2 MIMO in existing models of iPhone previous, while looking forward to find out more details when you put your phone to work.

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