The return of its classic with the launch of the Playstation Classic on December 3

This is topic The Return of its classic with the launch of the Playstation Classic on December 3 appeared on Engadget.

Use Sony to launch gaming console Playstation Classic on 3 December at a price of $ 100, to provide users to experience games of the nineties with 20 featured game pre-loaded on the Playstation Classic.

Playstation Classic

Similar to the Nintendo Classic وSuper Nintendo Classic live Sony to launch gaming console classic Playstation Classic users, the intention to come to the specifications of the traditional for this class of devices where the devices to the TV via HDMI connectors.

Has made Sony to collect the best games that are also console games in the arena, where Will user extent also the experience of the game Final Fantasy VII, and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, Grand Theft Auto along with Metal Gear Solid elements which are two distinct definitely in the PS games.

Also there are other titles attract another sector of users like Rayman, and Mr Driller, and the Wild Arms to the side of the Battle Arena Toshinden, also come some games that will not impress many on console games like Cool Boarders 2, the وTwisted Metal to the side of the Jumping Flash.

In the experience of the gaming console Playstation Classic that releases on December 3, you’ll find they come the same experience that I knew in the first version of the devices to PlayStation, with two areas of the PSC in the background, and the video HDMI port, along with connectors microUSB latest related بadapter or directly to TVs.

Also when you press the button for level logo appears on the PlayStation in the colors of the spectrum, and then moves on to list the major games on the Playstation Classic, where the user can scroll between them by D-Pad in the console, also the user can click on the D-Pad down to show the unit of digital preservation.

You won’t too different gameplay experience on the Playstation Classic, where you’ll have to use the control units of the classic also which connects to your device wirelessly, how come 8 of the buttons as the PS1, they also feature a compact design to some extent but it does not affect the gameplay experience, and also choose a joystick that supports controlling the movement of the camera.

Of course the disappearance of the joystick to rotate the camera will affect the gameplay experience in games such as Ridge Racer Type 4, Twisted Metal, along with Cool Boarders 2, which you need to control the camera better.

It also does not support the Playstation Classic memory card of your device the old PS1 for example, where this release comes support for digital storage directly on the unit, the same experience is known in the gaming console, the SNES Classic, by means of clicking on the button reset, which works to save the user’s progress at any time.

In the image quality on the Playstation Classic offers the Sony gaming console in 1080p resolution, also supports Unity games are:3 so may show some black straps on the TVs, which are often in the sides of the screen, as it does not come alone Games choose to extend the offer to comply with the dimensions of the screen of the current 16:9.

So you’ll have to choose in the end to experience the Playstation Classic with 20 traditional game at the price of $ 100, or the experience of units of the classic games again like the NES Classic at the price of $ 60, or the SNES Classic is priced at $ 80.


This is topic The Return of its classic with the launch of the Playstation Classic on December 3 appeared on Engadget.

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