The revolutionary technique of “Google” – feature news

Launched months Internet Browser in the world “Google” a new technique described as”revolutionary”, which make, for the first time, the images speak to the user and tell him what he sees in the pictures.

Posted position “engaged” specialized technical report on the update to “Google” the final page, which allows for the first time the presence of “description” for the image, and see any user what he’s watching.

It can be through the technique on Google to know if the image of a product or description or explanation or landscape.

Airport will be the range of this technique by pressing on the bottom left corner in the photo via Google, shows its description and the address of the link and its source, and all the information from size, etc.

Show new icons that information can be made operative also, what would make it perfect for those who suffer from problems in the system.

Show the new icons in the Google’s search engine all of the information associated with the products on sale or if they contain recipes, video content, or Lugo guidance companies.

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