The rise of Bitcoin to $ 10 million predicted just ten years ago,

A week after the extraction of the first block of Bitcoin was one of the first American researchers of cryptography Hal Finney published a forecast that 1 BTC could increase in value up to $ 10 million. Then Finney said that the cryptocurrency will become the dominant payment system in the world, and it will benefit the majority of citizens of developed countries.

Until the expected value is still far tonight, Bitcoin was trading at 10 096 dollars, over the past day the price of the main crypto-currencies practically have not changed.

New goal for captainvalor

Harold Thomas Finney II is an American computer programmer, is widely known for his contribution to cryptography. He is often credited with the creation of Bitcoin, but no one was able to prove whether Finney thereby Satoshi Nakamoto. Anyway, Hal was the first recipient of a transaction network of Bitcoin from Nakamoto, he is first mentioned bitcoin on Twitter. Legendary tweet looks like.

Source: Twitter

Ten years ago, Finney attached some notes to the release client Bitcoin 0.1, where mentioned about the prospects of the project if he will still be dominate in the financial sector.

As an experiment, imagine that Bitcoin will indeed become the dominant payment system in the world. In this case, the capitalization of cryptocurrencies will have to equal the wealth of the world. Now the index can range from 100 to 300 trillion dollars. Given the 20 million BTC, the value of each coin will be equal to $ 10 million.

It is noteworthy that variant Finney maximum number of bitcoins 20 million. And that’s not a typo — the programmer expects that the coins Satoshi Nakamoto will remain intact forever, so they automatically can be deleted from the total number of bitcoins in circulation.

Unfortunately, the true message of Hala no one knows. The American died in August 2014. With his departure from the world is almost gone “threads”, which would go to a Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s for the best, because the anonymity of the Creator — one of the key features of Bitcoin.

The efforts of all those who from the earliest days, worked on the Bitcoin came to fruition. Over the past decade cryptocurrency has evolved from hobby closed circle Shirobokov in a Mature industry involving global corporations. Let’s hope the forecast Finney will come true in the coming years. Join our cryptodata millionaires, our subscribers know more about Bitcoin!


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