The risks of 5G and the truth of the cause of serious diseases

With the beginning of the fifth-generation networks working in some countries around the world, starting with rumors and accusations emerge over the media about it’s not safe and cause serious diseases .

It came in the final period after the spread of the video for dead in the Netherlands and the claim that the cause of death is the fifth-generation networks, but in fact came different after a lot of technical about her death because of pollution sources to eat.

Though having found out the truth listen to the question about the side effects caused by electromagnetic waves and does not mark the grave?

There are many factors to answer this question as bandwidth and energy used in the wave of these networks. And you’ll know to clarify the.

Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves at frequencies and their energy high and be more vibrant more Energetic and tend to design with objects you encounter on unlike low frequencies which are less energetic and pass through most objects without those collisions. So we find that the high frequency is more dangerous to human because they when you be higher than a certain frequency and enough energy to collide with the DNA and by changes that may lead to damaging the skin and raise the proportion of cancer.

The example closest to this phenomenon is caused by UV radiation to human skin with prolonged exposure without protection, causing the redness and inflammation in the skin, this redness is the result of the effect of UV on DNA .

But electromagnetic waves are generally scattered thickly all around us besides the mobile phone networks and WiFi find networks of radio, television and microwave devices, X-ray rim, and even the rays of the sun and light bulbs .

All of these things believe electromagnetic waves some may be harmful and others may be safe or less harmful .

What about the 5G compared to the fourth

But if the electromagnetic waves are like this thick. Why all this get rid of the fifth-generation networks for?

The answer lies in the frequency range of businesses, including networks of the fourth generation where they rely on low frequencies ranging from 400 MHz and 6 GHz, and also the cell towers be at a distance and heavily a few and therefore operate within the frequency spectrum of a secure in addition to they don’t have the product in abundance.

But with the advent of 5G technologies that link the frequencies used to 60 GHz , these high frequencies need to spread heavy to the number of the constellations, points of contact, coverage, in addition to higher energy, but according to the research conducted until now they are still within the life safe and away from the danger zone.

According to this research, all frequencies up to 300 terahertz “no pre-UV” , are safe on humans and do not cause cancer, but there are some who doubt the credibility of this research and it is funded and ready to buy the calls,but there are many research institutes independent prestigious which agreed with the results of this research .


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