The robots were engaged in processing of thousands of dangerous munitions

After the invention of firearms before the people got up the next crucial task is the disposal of old ammunition. So far, the humanity has not invented anything better than to simply burn them, bury under the ground or dropped into the open sea. This approach is very harmful to nature, so scientists are constantly searching for safer alternatives. Sandia national laboratories (Sandia National Laboratories) showed it is a viable recycling option for the disassembly of munitions and the metals for reuse with the help of robots.

Робот для утилизации боеприпасов

To accomplish this, they developed and released nine robots, which is a huge metal hands. In fact, it is standard commercial models that are configured for ordnance disposal and extraction aluminum, steel and copper for recycling and reuse.

According to a leading developer of software for the dismantling of ammunition bill Prentice, the main difficulty lies in the fact that the age of the ammunition sometimes is more than 30 years. They can be dangerous defects, so robots important extreme accuracy and constant control of the operators. If they have any problems, they will notify the living experts who take work into their own hands.

Робот для утилизации боеприпасов

In the list of ammunition that undergo recycling are the shells reusable rocket system developed by the United States, Britain and other countries during the Cold war. It was made from 1983 to 2003 and used crawler launcher, which was doing 12 rounds at a time. Each shot contained 644 M77 grenades. They are nine stages of processing, during which warheads are cut to a hotel filled with foam sections.

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