The role of the first Android phone in the development of the advantages of the system after 10 years

Launched phone HTC Dream ten years ago, namely, September 23, 2008 as the first Android device, distinguishing the system from the first day the characteristics demonstrate that the strongest contender for iPhone and what did the do to the Giants BlackBerry and Nokia and Windows Mobile.

Is a revolutionary iPhone to the original in design, simple yet stylish and experience the peaceful use and fun, unlike the HTC Dream, which the lack of panel keys to the default and clear presentation of design, a bad difficulty to use the keyboard, but it highlights some of the attributes of the Android platform that has evolved a lot during 10 years to become the cause of the system running on more than 85% of phones in the world today, namely:

1) to customize the experience

Unlike the iPhone native, Windows Mobile, allowed Android user HTC Dream modify some aspects of the system including the background of the Home screen which has evolved today to the usability of the car with the Icons Pack variety.

And because Android is open source they can manufacturers create them with their own application of the system according to the aspirations of customers. It was the customizable one of the reasons for the preference of a large segment of the public system, even though led highlights its flaws after the spread of the interfaces, namely, the delayed system updates.

2) the idea of Google Play

Launched the HTC Dream running an environmental investigation known as the Android market which cemented the idea of expanding the functions of the phone and the fact that applications the best way to review his abilities, what was the catalyst after it provide the Android platform with App Store after proposed to be renamed the Google Play.

3) expand the services of Google

Google has focused on expanding their ecosystem through software and not hardware as turn Apple TV with iPhone original, provided the Google search engine and James the and Maps Google to the first Android phone, and expanded its services until it became Android devices up to the tens of applications today.

4) the best experience of Android

Were HTC Corporation of Taiwan small awaiting the opportunity to become global, and the band’s phone by DreamWorks, which began its partnership with Google even resulted in phone Nexus wen who made the best experience of Android even arrived after the phones pixels which has become the best experience with their Android Raw (the native Android system from Google without the interface of source), adopted by a significant number of manufacturers through 2018 thanks to the project Android One.

5) phones with different designs

During the early years of Android and the beginning of the HTC Dream, which came with physical keys bought the system on the devices differ in design and screen sizes and capabilities of the camera that was evidence of the resilience of the system to make it attracts a lot of the manufacturers, despite the different designs their phones a lot then and less today.

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