The Rover found something on Mars: life or no?

Last week, the astrobiologists looking for life in space, happy on Mars has found a huge methane gas. It was discovered by the Mars Rover “Curiosity” — a robot exploring the surface of the red planet. On Earth this gas is produced mainly by living beings, and after getting into the atmosphere very quickly falls apart. So, if Mars has methane gas, he went there recently. Does this mean that living creatures on the Mars, too? As actually looking for life on another planet?

Like looking for life on Mars?

Life on Earth everywhere. You see butterflies and people, animal tracks and bird droppings, even plants — is also life. Because our planet supports the life of billions of years and she had the time to dwell in the land, water and air. But how do you find life on the planet, where no trace of her? On Mars there is no water, no trees, no air, and fly to Mars is very long and hard. People on Mars have not yet been.

That is why scientists are trying to cling to traces of life, or its remains, looking for any fossils, traces of bones, gases (because you produce gas, isn’t it) or possible reservoirs that have not yet dried up or frozen on Mars is very cold. But life could exist in the cold. To search for its traces of use special robots. For Example, “Curiosity”:

How does the Mars Rover “Curiosity”

In 2012, scientists officially declared that in the atmosphere of Mars methane is not. Hope to find life on the red planet great poumenshilsya. And now, just last week, the Mars Rover “Curiosity” to sense methane in the air — very little, much less than can be found in the air on our planet — 21 molecule in a billion. And very quickly that “high concentrations” decreased to 1 molecule in a billion.

“The train came and the train is gone,” commented Paul Mahaffey, a scientist at NASA.

But now, it became clear that on Mars happen seasonal surges of methane. They are associated with life? Unknown. Unfortunately, the Rover “Curiosity” there are no tools that will tell us exactly what the origin of this methane. It is important to understand who produces something is alive or not. New mission to the Red planet will allow you to figure it out, but they need to design and plant exactly where the life with the maximum probability.

Read, as even looking for life on Mars.

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