The Russians poured Huawei smartphones on the secondary market

License, which allowed Huawei to upgrade their smartphones to Android for another three months, not too reassured users. Even the Russians, who are known for their loyalty to products Huawei, could not bring himself to believe that the company has a future without Google and Android. So many of them took a resolute decision to abandon the devices, which, in their opinion, no prospects, and not to remain in negative territory, decided to resell them to those who are not so principled in matters of support.

Just a day the number of ads on smartphone sales Huawei/Honor increased by 11%, and their search was down 7%. This was reported by representatives of site of free announcements “Yula”. The reason, probably, was the news about the ban on the use of the Android operating system in smartphones Chinese manufacturer, who put the U.S. government. Banning Huawei to conduct its activities in States and to cooperate with local companies, the authorities are trying to ensure the national security of the country, which was under threat.

It is obvious that most of those who seek to get rid of the smartphone Huawei Honor, have little idea of how the operating system Android. Surveys show that most users are afraid of turning off their vehicles, which, I must say, will never happen. Even if the United States wants to do it, Google will not be able to force a block device, running Android as its platform is open source, which is available to everyone.

The only thing you can expect is the termination of release of security updates, the source code which Google will receive no Huawei for subsequent adaptation and dissemination. But in this case, experience is not necessary. According to representatives of the Huawei company intends to continue to release updates for branded smartphone against the will of Google. Perhaps the developers Huawei themselves will take care of finding bugs and vulnerabilities that will be fixed in the update EMUI, and there before the release of Hongmeng far.

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