The Ryanair CEO has called Bitcoin a pyramid scheme. What is the reason for his dissatisfaction?

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary recently appeared in an advertisement for an automated Bitcoin trading program. Everything happened without his knowledge, that is, O'Leary's identity was used by scammers to deceive ordinary users. Recall that this is already a common practice in the cryptoindustry: the last high-profile scandal with similar incidents broke out during a large-scale hacking of the accounts of dozens of celebrities on Twitter . Alas, this time it ended badly. O'Leary took the opportunity to speak out about his hate for cryptocurrency.

Scams in the cryptocurrency niche

O'Leary himself reacted very harshly to what happened – in an interview with The Sunday Times, he said that he had nothing to do with "automatic trading schemes . " At the same time, Bitcoin, in his opinion, "should be equated to a financial pyramid . "

Центром скандала стала мошенническая схема под названием Bitcoin Lifestyle, с помощью которой Майкл якобы уже давно сумел заработать целое состояние и продолжает получать "десятки тысяч евро на автопилоте каждый день". Именно об этом заявлено в распространяемом ролике, смонтированном мошенниками. Естественно, все это фейк и CEO Ryanair не имеет ничего общего с автоматическим трейдингом криптовалютой. Однако вместо простого объяснения произошедшего руководитель бюджетного авиаперевозчика решил отговорить всех от вложений в Биткоин.

bitcoin scammers blockchain

The Bitcoin Lifestyle website is up and running. On the main page, a video edited by scammers in which various celebrities allegedly expose BTC in a positive light

What happened Michael O'Leary clearly took too much to heart, according to Decrypt . In an interview with reporters, he stated that he hates Bitcoin . When asked by journalists about his attitude towards the industry and BTC in general, he answered the following:

I have not invested and will not invest a single cent in Bitcoin, which in my opinion is a pyramid scheme. I would recommend that everyone ignore this deception with at least some common sense and avoid Bitcoin like the plague.

То есть реакция действительно оказалась очень резкой. Очевидно, что Майкл не пытался разобраться в принципе работы блокчейна, однако из-за постоянных новостей о прыжках курса криптовалют он воспринимает биткоины именно как что-то плохое и мошенническое. Мы предполагаем, что О'Лири видит в BTC исключительно "возможность заработать за счёт продажи своих монет большему дураку". Напомним, такая точка зрения пользуется популярностью среди возрастных инвесторов, которым тяжело понять принцип работы монет.

Note that not everyone reacts so sharply to this. For example, the victim of a similar "advertisement" was actress Kate Winslet, whose name was also used by scammers to popularize the automated trading system. However, a Winslet spokesman calmly noted that the actress did not advertise fake trading systems, which in addition promise "99.4 percent winning trades." According to the party, the advertisement was "misleading and, in addition, completely disingenuous and categorically false." But no one humiliated the cryptocurrency itself.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

As a result, Michael O'Leary became the next victim of a long-standing fraudulent scheme. This is not specifically about the program for automatic trading, but about the principle of deception in general. Attackers pretend to be celebrities on Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms. Ordinary investors trust the image of a famous person and follow the lead of scammers, and as a result, money ends up in the pockets of hackers.

По теме: Мошенники на YouTube разозлили руководителя криптовалютного проекта.

Note that the victims of deception sometimes perform actions unthinkable in terms of the degree of credulity. For example, they send their bitcoins to the address of scammers for promising to receive double the amount of cryptocurrency for free . It is not difficult to guess that there is nothing free in the world, but someone still "falls into a mousetrap".

So, for example, the message looked in the hacked account of Barack Obama. He also promised to "double the amount of cryptocurrency that subscribers will send him."

Twitter hacking hacker

Fake Twitter message on behalf of Barack Obama

Одной цитаты достаточно, чтобы понять отношение руководителя авикомпании к Биткоину. Отметим, что изначально в инциденте криптовалюта никак не виновата. Её просто использовали для популяризации мошеннической схемы, ведь для большинства BTC и другие монеты по-прежнему остаются чем-то неизвестным и загадочным, что может приносить деньги. Ну а поскольку их начинают "рекомендовать" знаменитости, люди решаются познакомиться с ними поближе.

Note that cryptocurrencies themselves are not needed to participate in such schemes. Usually people are asked to replenish their account using a bank card, after which the money is supposedly converted into bitcoins and begins to "generate income." An important point: no transactions in auto trading are usually carried out: users just see numbers on the screen in their office. Most often, the initial deposit is simply merged and goes to the creators of the scheme, as a result of which those who want to get rich are left with nothing. So you can't get involved with such a thing – whoever advertises these programs.

Be that as it may, real Bitcoin is certainly not a pyramid scheme, since the project is not managed by any centralized organization. It's just that in this case, it is easier for less tech-savvy people to throw a label on a cryptocurrency than to understand a complex scheme.

Hopefully, O'Leary will have time to change his mind about the crypt. Look for even more interesting things in our crypto chat for millionaires . We are also waiting for you in Yandex Zen for adding news. There are publications that are not on the site.


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