The sad result: why Bitcoin Cash — a failed project?

From the day of creation of the Bitcoin Cash it has been almost 17 months — enough time to begin to summarize “success” fork. The BCH team is positioning the project as something more than the usual altcon. But is it really?

Judging by the current state of cryptocurrencies, virtually all their promises of “victory over the Bitcoin” has failed. Bitcoin Cash saved increased the size of the unit and the strife within the team of programmers led to the birth of another contradictory coins — Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin is still in charge

According to the service Coinmetrics, Bitcoin Cash behind Bitcoin is absolutely original in all respects. BCH choose BTC instead of miners, investors, and ordinary users of the cryptocurrency. Except for a few Panov Aldon mostly brings losses.

If this trend will continue in the future, the project is unlikely to stretch at least another few years. BCH price is steadily moving down, and it’s not only in the bear market. The coin lacks the fundamental benefits that would somehow distinguish it from the original Bitcoin.

We will remind, in August of 2017 the main subject of debates in cryptocommunist was the size of a block of Bitcoin. Supporters of Bitcoin Cash has made his gains in the BCH up to 8 megabytes. Their efforts were in vain — with day fork block althena were filled on average, 171 KB. In other words, Bitcoin Cash uses its capacity only 2.1 percent.

Source: CCN

The result — while cryptocurrencies can be called one of the most disastrous investment. BCH even became a “headache” the world’s principal miner Bitmain. Because of the large bets on altcon the company suffers huge losses, which even led to disagreements with its main supplier of parts for Asimov.

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