The Safari browser will get the feature of tracking protection like Firefox

Engine WebKit that is running Safari browser announced a new privacy policy which prevented a large number of tracking activities, calling them harmful to the user especially as they don’t make the user agrees that are traced from the foundation.

It did not stop here, of course, since the company in a blog on its website confirmed that they are now testing a number of Split and merge algorithm to prevent intolerance to be added later in the editor its open source which depends on the Safari browser as the company added that it and if I find out more information about learning techniques the course will be added to its policy and also for its software.

If you know the Firefox is developed by Mozilla Corporation non-profit has the advantage of preventing, to a strong and very effective and in this regard stated WebKit efforts of Mozilla and commended him on the other hand it is no secret about any of that Mozilla are more companies, the developer of the browser the response for trade this is because they are “non-profit”.

You should note that it is not limited to Safari or Apple that’s where that engine WebKit is also the existing browsers on the devices, Amazon Kindle and those on the Tizen system of your Samsung along with Google Chrome itself is based on a copy of it which is called Blink unlike the Safari browser and directly on the WebKit main.

Source: Beebom

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