The Samsung Galaxy A5 version of the 2017 starts getting update January

The update brings with it a small number of specific improvements contained corrections for security of Google and Samsung.

Earlier this month, started the security update for the month of January access to the devices Pixel and Nexus supported by Google directly, this update focuses on fixing defects of software.

It seems that this update has also arrived to the Samsung devices, but unfortunately not one of its organs leading S8 or the Note 8, but the proportion of 2017 from the Galaxy A5.

It is clear that the South Korean company cares deeply about the series of Galaxy A, depending on the access devices of this series on security updates for several consecutive months before other devices.

This update comes in the size of 22 MB, and it becomes the version of software fixed this after it’s installed A520FXXU4BRA8, and brings with him a small number of specific reforms and improvements.

It also includes a patch from Google for up to 91 a problem in the Android system itself, along with the 13 patch to come from Samsung.

In case you have Galaxy A5 version 2017 you can check to see if the update is available for your device by going to Settings and then click on the option to download updates manually from the list of Update software.


Source: Samsung Galaxy A5 version of the 2017 starts getting update January

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