The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 least version emission

While there is no universal definition of the level of the safe quantification of smart phones, but they generally do not pose health problems for users, where studies and experiments applied to mice did not lead to health problems, so there is no harm to human.

But, do you want to know the quantity produced by your phone from the emission radiation is? According to the government of Germany, the phone the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is officially less phone emit radiation.

The Office of the Federal German radiation protection testing and comparison of smart phones in terms of the level of emissions that issue from them while doing make voice calls or when the phone is near the user, and touted that the Galaxy Note 8 is less smart phone alerts from radiation until December 2018, which means that the best of all smartphones that were launched in the last year in terms of the level of emissions.

هاتف سامسونج جالاكسي نوت 8 الأقل إصداراً للإنبعاثات

The research firm Statista organize the data of the agency of German government through the compilation of a list of phones with the lowest level of emissions, it seems that Samsung phones are the best as the picture suggests above, while the phones Chinese companies such as Shaw and and OnePlus were the most version shall also refer the following image.

Phones companies Google and Apple in addition to HTC, most smartphones version emissions, and we are talking here about Pixel 3 XL and iPhone 7 Plus HTC U12 Life, while the Samsung flagship like the Galaxy S8+ and phones LG and Motorola issued the estate a few.

هاتف سامسونج جالاكسي نوت 8 الأقل إصداراً للإنبعاثات

And before you start to get rid of conclusions, we would like to mention that research is critical about the effects of emissions of smart phones and risks to human health still exist until now, where scientists continue to research this issue for several years, but until this moment had not been issued any reports or recommendations warn consumers of smart phones and other technical devices which are used on a daily basis, about what may cause risk to health in general, while companies are trying to reduce the emissions of its phones, and these reports certainly going to put pressure on them.

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