The Samsung Galaxy Note10 May comes screen measured 6.66 inches

We heard during the recent months a number of leaks that Samsung intends to increase the screen size of its phones in the next generation of the series phones Galaxy S, which will come one of the models of Galaxy S10 size of 6.44 inches, which is slightly bigger compared to the Galaxy Note9.

According to a new report issued from the site of The Bell of Korea, the Galaxy Note10 will come in a bigger size of this in relation to the company that will be led by 6.66 inches.

The site also mentioned that Samsung asked for the screen by 6.66 inches from the “Samsung Display” Samsung Display, which is the arm in charge of the tea industry and has Samsung Group.

It is believed that providing the next generation of phones, Galaxy Note This size is logical, given that Samsung has adopted to distinguish this series of phones Galaxy S, with talk about the Galaxy S10 of the bigger screen and three cameras, the background, then it must be that Galaxy Note10 will provide the same advantages.

It should be noted that talk about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 is still early, especially to the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a few months ago, then about another 6 months to announce it, so a lot may change until then.

Do you wish to provide Samsung Galaxy Note10 big screen? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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