The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro comes the charger special ability 25W only

Confirmed new leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro that Samsung will this version charger special fast charging technology with capacity 25W.

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Unlike leaks that spread through the financial period, which indicated that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro applies to a charger characteristic capacity of 45W, and came to new leaks today about the phone specifications to confirm that the capacity of the charger provided with the Galaxy Note10 Pro will not abandon 25W but it has the characteristic of fast charging technology.

The delivery of New through a reliable source privy to the plans of Samsung, so you won’t come Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro in accordance with the arrangements published in the previous which the timing specification ultra-top version of phones Note.

From another side confirmed the source of the leaks in his report that Samsung is planning to include a charger the capacity of 45W with the Galaxy A90, which corresponds to the strategy of Samsung in bringing the new features of the available versions of the series A.

And add charger capacity 25W with fast charging technology a good addition in the series of Note, where Samsung has released previous Galaxy Note9 charger capacity 15W.


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