The Samsung Galaxy S10 will come to the unity of artificial intelligence especially!

Became the techniques of artificial intelligence AI is the primary concern for smartphone manufacturers, especially because of its nature dynamic, multi-faceted, while individuals tend to associate the term artificial intelligence assistance smart but the technology industry as a whole has made great strides behind the scenes, which led to improve all kinds of functions AI, such as voice recognition and display graphics using this technique.

However, the support of smart devices and artificial intelligence techniques that we have seen recently in the phones 2018 still efforts in the bud, so it’s on the main companies to share their efforts and promote the future of smart phones.

The latest of these efforts comes from the giant Korean industry, Samsung, which ended manufacture of the second generation of the unit neural processing custom (NPU), as suggested by various sources.

This means that we can expect the emergence of the new chip in the chipset Exynos 9820 main, therefore, the family of Samsung Galaxy S10 will not race in to get them, well after work Qualcomm as much as possible to adapt the chipset Snapdragon 845 mission audio and machine learning, require Qualcomm to NPU own in the slide master the following, which will be called Snapdragon 8150 .

In fact, as we mentioned earlier, the smart phone industry the whole monitor is a lot of effort in dealing with artificial intelligence and processing units appropriate for the tasks high, and can see it in the slices each from Huawei and Apple that wrestle at the present time in this area, with the preparation of the NPU for each of them, contains processor Apple A12 Bionic on drive nervous with 8 cores, able to run 5 trillion operations per second, while the Kirin 980 has a unit NPU double new can address 4500 images per minute.

Therefore, step Samsung this may be a little late, but we hope to see the unit NPU is more sophisticated than the existing units.

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