The Samsung work unit, dual-core processing, neural to its flagship next


This afternoon a new report says that Samsung is working on a new unit neural network with both to enhance the capabilities of artificial intelligence dramatically in its upcoming devices. In the case if the content of this report is true, it is supposed to say Samsung include the unit neural network binary the new kernel in its next flagship which will be manufactured using the technology to 7 nanometers.

Says the warrior of the famous Chinese Ice Universe that will be using the unit neural network binary new kernel in the image processing of the camera in the Galaxy S10. You will also get the functions of video recording and voice recognition on the impulse of the new processor.

Earlier this year, Samsung revealed about the processor Exynos 7 6910 as the first processor from the South Korean company featuring unit neural processing. Have been using the unit neural processing of these to automatic on the quality of the scenes and create images cloudy dull background by focusing on the main element in the photo and blur the rest.



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