The search feature on posters within the app one of the options WhatsApp next


After I shot WhatsApp special feature for their application increases with the rate of interaction between users and a coordinated search for apps professional private external that enables the user to add more of these posters to actually answer. Out Apple and through her own store for iOS apps to delete all the apps that download all about the application WhatsApp from stickers Stickers.

A step may be shocking to the developers of those apps didn’t enable only two weeks in the App Store. Came with Apple’s response to those applications are similar in their operation and in their design and the core of its work it is working after the installation on the phones users have access to the WhatsApp official . Any work based on the application of another and this is so against policy to deploy applications on the App Store.

And if Google and via her store and Google Play will be the same this step or not, but until now , no problem with the application of the posters on this store.

New WhatsApp about the posters

Monitoring of the sites to which the vibrating part WhatsApp the pilot into a feature coming in new to the app belongs to the posters, a search engine within the app and the top bar posters that Pat knows many of the classifications.

A search engine facilitates user to write the name of the poster is not in a condition to write it as correct. To app stickers that correspond and search.
This water has been monitored on app version trial the Android phones.

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The search feature on posters within the app one of the options WhatsApp next

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