The search for balance in the holy month of Ramadan

Achieving balance and reflection of the fundamentals and values of the holy month of Ramadan, where many are seeking to find balance in all its forms during the month of Ramadan whether it is facing the moral we meditate and spend time with family and friends or physically through a healthy diet is reflected on our physical health that we are trying all ways to keep her balanced under the change of the usual routine during this holy month.

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To encourage the concept of balance in the holy month of Ramadan the Emirati photographer bug almonds and Saudi Mansour Mystic participation marketing campaign bearing the name of ”research Nation“, and this campaign is a collection of images that highlight examples of the required balance in the month of Ramadan, so during the filming of many of the stills that convey either a moment of reflection or snapshot of the family warm and add to the footage related to activity and exercise. Has been through the bank for their appreciation of the concept of balance through this group export captured on the iPhone XS to photo all one message which is ”to achieve balance in the holy month of Ramadan“.

Talk about the concept of balance attached bug Almond said, ”I enjoyed working on this group of export as they reflect the principle of personal trying to follow him in every year, where I strive to achieve a balance during the month of Ramadan and through the moment itself to cover the spiritual side of me and communicate with family and friends and to spend useful time with them away from the influences of the outside world. Finally I give during Ramadan great importance to the health where I work to control my diet, hours of sleep and I keep the activity of my physical.“

It is said Mansour, ”the month of Ramadan is based on the principle of balance. Unfortunately, many of those who violate the values of Ramadan through excessive in the evening or eat or watch TV, so you peace to work on this group of export where we remember the importance of achieving balance and focus on the important things in all our lives during these days of virtue.“

We saw the sources of a set of steps to export that follow her for pictures of art that reflects the concept of balance in different scales, either through piped to the topic of the picture opposed picture elements in an artistic way. In order to achieve the results of the pictorial similar you can follow these steps using the iPhone Xs:

1.Planning and community

The bank is planning for the shoot of their own, getting out to the library directly without the layout won’t give perfect results. You have to look at the project you wish to export and choose the appropriate location that contains pictorial elements that will help you in output the desired image. For example, if you are going to portray the reflections of certain is possible to choose a place that has pool water to help you capture the reflection required on the face of the water.

2. The challenge in the spirit of the team

The designer must talk to the spirit of the team as this helps the worker to complete the work quickly and easily. In the case of the use of any person as part of the snapshot must be on the source to convey the scene in his imagination and share it with to get the desired results.

3. Use the advantage of HDR Smart

Allows the use of this technology during the export to get the proper lighting to meet through Friday between the degrees of brightness of the Mutual in the scene and merge them to get the proper lighting, especially in the images containing the bright sky. In case you want to capture the image of a moving body equals the presence of the sensors, the fastest and HDR smart and the lack of waiting time in the camera shutter to stop time for a moment and pick up the image clearly

4. Activate property Grid

What we’re looking for balance in this shot of the feature Grid are best suited to achieve the required balance. Where you this feature to split the screen into horizontal lines and vertical to help you maintain your lines straight as well as to make sure that the spaces are distributed evenly in the game.

5. Adjust the focus on your phone

Adjust the focus on your phone through the prolonged pressure on the screen to close the focus point, where this step helps to control the level of brightness by raising it or lowering it.

6. Photographing reflections

As we mentioned earlier you can get reflections all through the filming of the pool water, as you can work on adding money to the existing to obtain the reflection positions.Must carry the phone horizontally and the convergence of a lot of pool water to get the reflection of the balanced and pick up the most appropriate scene.

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