The second generation of the registry HP Digital will orders function depending on the motion of his hand

I Authority we light last week to register a Samsung patent, a special S Pen and its work on the upgrade in the Generation Next and provide him with a camera, today we’ll talk about Pen HP Digital that the company would like to provide him with a number of features and technologies added to make it more comfortable with the roles of a user different in life.

According to Patently Mobile specialist to track new patents show the work of HP on the patented August 2018 the second generation of Pen digital benefit structure by adding a number of upgrades to make it more effective in education and business and create content at the level similar to the additions Samsung pen, in the last year.

These features add a number of gestures to execute commands and applied to the article of the opposition, whether to draw out or video presentation to facilitate the process to zoom in and out also rotate left and right slider gallery positions and the cross slide to move the pen itself with a number of other functions.

Where the picture attached to the registration of a patent the implementation of pen orders, depending on the movement of the user’s hand in horizontal or vertical mode, for example, can rotate the displayed image left or right by activating the button, nodding at the top of the pen and then move horizontally and by the voltage to rotate the image to it.

In the open this add the field to exploit by the developers of the version control commands of the various programs through the pen, whether in the field work of designers and content creators, professional or students, and even in the business and evaluate the initiation of and during meetings.

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