The secrets of impressive you don’t know in iOS 12

After the release of the updated iOS the latest which is the new version of the system iOS 12 millions have already got it now. Certainly it is easy to note the important updates in the system as Screen Time and sets notifications-that come finally after a lot of delay on the system of Android– as well as the advantages of the camera effects the new pictures. But there are some details that are difficult to be observed is to tell people in this article.

Hidden feature new Face ID

Suffered some previously when you use technology Face ID in some cases where no technical unlock phone lock with the change of the form of the person like to wear sunglasses or put make up or for any other reason. This time Apple put in the settings of the Face ID feature Set up an alternate appearance which allows you to filming yourself once again look like another you can open the phone lock. A great touch from Apple showing the extent of the interest of all users!

Read the confirmation messages automatically

When you log on to Craigslist. new or when you open the advantage of Two Factor Authentication in your accounts, they are to send a message to your phone a confirmation number to make sure you’re logged in to the account, this process is tedious and will not be completed the same form in the future. The Apple this time read the messages automatically when they are sent so you don’t need to re-write the number where you will be recognized automatically. Feature found a while ago on Android but it’s good to see phones iPhone finally.

Increase security with a feature to Lock USB Accessories

This feature is great and has already managed to impress a lot when I learned that Apple developed by the beginning of this year. After a lot of controversy around the opening of the smart phones after a person’s death or after the theft of the phone has put Apple’s end to all of this is a feature Lock USB Accessories that would touch anything on the phone.

Search for songs using words

One of the new features that come to develop Apple Music is the possibility to search for songs using the words without the use of the names of the songs only. This detail Brilliant will allow you to hear the song you know the sentence of one of them directly without the trouble of searching in Google and then find out the name of the song and then return to the app to hear the song. Details of Apple’s brilliant don’t belong!

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