The sector of mobile phones in the LG score record losses

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Revealed LG yesterday announced its financial results for the third quarter of this year showed the failure of the mobile sector in the Korean company to achieve any financial gain so for the fourth consecutive quarter.

Can LG achieve financial profits exceeded the barrier of us $ 750 million during the period between 1 April and 30 June 2018, although the industry mobile phones in your company continued to register losses amounting to about $ 172 million during the same period.

In general have been affected by LG is a big decline in its sales in the categories low, medium and after that managed Chinese companies by the acquisition of the lion’s share in these categories globally. While the timing of the Korean company to achieve some good sales in the category of flagship phones via my phone LG V35 ThinQ , andLG G7 ThinQ, it seems that the weakness of the marketing plan and the competition is fierce did not help.

Supposed to reveal LG’s sometime during the second half of this year for a phone LG V40 ThinQ which back them dramatically to achieve slight growth in its share in the smartphone market, at the same time will give you a greater sales increase, call her, leading the former in the major markets.

What is the main reason in the decline of the industry mobile phones in your company? What is the best way to restore the place? We shared your perspective in the comments.

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