The security company Cellebrite claims it is able to pull data from any iOS device

iPhone XS Max

In case you haven’t heard about the Cellebrite before, they are a company that specializes in Information Security had the attention of everyone when it turns out they managed to hack the iPhones of Apple, which allowed him access to the contents of such devices without the need for passcodes or biometric authentication of these devices.

This has led to the emergence of a story is like the story of cat and mouse, as the Apple has closed the security holes that allowed the purchase of Cellebrite hacking into iPhones, the company Cellebrite turn discovery of new security flaws. According to the company Cellebrite, they are claiming that it has made improvements on its system where he can now extract the file system on any device running iOS.

This means that any device, iPhone or iPad, old or new, is no longer safe from the system with a Cellebrite. This also means that law enforcement agencies that use the products Cellebrite will be able to extract information easily from iOS devices of suspects without the need of their explicit consent.

Didn’t Apple responded to allegations of Cellebrite last so far, although we believe that the company might not feel thrilled about it and perhaps are now looking already at ways to fix the situation. So far, there have been some governments that have used the products of the Cellebrite. Previously I argued that the use of its products to unlock the iPhone was for ” public safety “.

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