The Senate asks the company to communicate to the company on extremist content

The commission said the US Senate in a statement on Wednesday: the Google, andFacebook, andTwitter will testify next week in front of her on the efforts of companies and social media to remove violent content from home on the internet.

Come to the hearing of the special committee of the Senate Commerce scheduled on 18 September in the wake of the growing concern in Congress about the use of social media by people who commit mass shootings, and other acts of violence.

The committee said: the meeting will be “the spread of extremism online and explore the effectiveness of the company’s efforts to remove violent content from online platforms. This will be discussed witnesses the extent of cooperation by technology companies with law enforcement when determining the content of a violent or threatening, the processes of the removal of this content.”

Is scheduled to testify all of (Monica Beck was selected) – head of the Department of world politics have the pick, the director of the public policy have Twitter (Nick Pickles), the director of the global policy information have Google (Derek Slater).

The company Facebook has said mid-May last: she will include the rules related to with a live broadcast on its social network, amid calls to reduce violence on the internet, in the wake of the massacre of the “Christ Church”.

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The gunmen killed 51 people in two mosques in the city of Christ Church” in New Zealand on 15 March last, has broadcast the murder on Facebook. This was the worst incident of gunfire in New Zealand, raised and urged technology companies to do more to combat extremism on its services.

She said Facebook then it will start to apply the rule of “only opportunity” to use the feature of live streaming, inhibit the policy – temporary – each user who has ever faced disciplinary action due to breach of the rules of the company’s most serious, at any place on its site.

Indicated that Facebook users first-time offenders will be barred from using the broadcast feature direct, for a specified time. She also said: she will work to expand the scope of the irregularities that occur from the worth that the application of the policy “only chance”.

And Facebook has said in the aftermath of the attack: it has removed 1.5 million video clip contains footage of the attack, so in the first 24 hours after its occurrence, then said in late March the past: she’s found more than 900 different version of the video of the attack.

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