The series “See” is the most popular on Apple TV+. Unique

Positioning the new product as the killer products of competitors, which are frequently used by manufacturers of smartphones, which is obviously pointless. Who not only tried to bypass the iPhone, announcing the release of the best camera on Android, but all such attempts are invariably bound to fail. So when Apple began carefully to compare the series to “See” with the “Game of thrones”, a seriously strained. In the end, to enter the market with a purpose was very presumptuous, after all, “Games” was based on the book series of the script, and some no audience of fans. What do “See”?

To see the most popular show on Apple TV+. And there are reasons

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“See,” which tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world where all people deprived of view, is the most viewed TV series available on Apple TV+, estimated by analysts at Parrot Analytics. In any case, it is most actively discussed by users of social networks. But the reasons for this popularity was really, because this series has required tremendous preparatory work, not only of the writers and actors who had to rehearse in extremely unusual conditions, but also from a large number of experts in different areas.

The unique series “to See”

To maximize the credibility of what is happening on the screen shooting were involved in the study of blindness, which helped the actors to understand how visually impaired people, academics of the evolutionary processes that have predicted the changes that would occur with people and with nature, as well as experts in the field of survival. They helped the writers to work out the most possible and effective ways to stay safe in the wild.

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“We had to recreate on screen the world the way he’d been after the disappearance of civilization, showing what has changed and what looked like familiar objects. So we called on the help of consultants who worked closely with our writers and prop. They explained to us how to look like the huts of a settlement and how people deprived of view, needs to navigate in space”, — said the Director.

“See” is the new “Game of thrones”?

Despite careful study of many parts, the budget to “See” is much lower than the “Game of thrones”, with which it is constantly compared. According to the Director “See” by Francis Lawrence, it was much less $ 240 million, which often comes up. Although, of course, the costs incurred could be reduced even more, explained the Director. The fact that visibility unseeing eyes of the actors achieved with the help of special effects at the stage of post-production, instead of using lenses, as one might think. This idea was abandoned because of possible problems with the cornea.

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The creators of “to See” really went to work on the project with all responsibility. Special attention is given unusual story in which the writers deprived the heroes of view and thus opened the door to a world of many scenic turns. However, the puncture was still a lot. Probably, everyone who watched the show, I noticed that heroes are wearing on the face war paint, do the decorations of their homes and manage to guide the horse in the direction they need to reach. Someone must think this is nitpicking, but it is rather strange to allow such errors when working on a series of this kind are engaged specially trained people.

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