The shipper’s place.. “Samsung” compete “Apple” and”Huawei” with an old

Announced the Korean company Samsung, the latest features that compete via their new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10, a wireless charging through the phone, which allows users to use their phone to charge another phone, the advantage is considered to not benefit the users, but unfortunately it is not new.

Where launched by Huawei before in her phone “dead 20 Pro”, and also allows
Phone Charger Wireless Fast your phone to charge other phones.

Prior to Huawei and Samsung, Apple was American, launched this feature which enables users to charge their phones when they are not able to access energy sources or don’t hold the “power bank”.

As to the American company Apple announced a few days ago, about fire AirPods in its modern, priced at $ 69, he can charge more than prepared.

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