The shortest ways to access your lost phone through Google’s services

اقصر طرق الوصول الى هاتفك المفقود من خلال خدمات جوجل

When you lose your mobile phone God forbid you’ll see you lose a lot of focus on what steps you have followed, often will spread your step in manual search it here and there Wayne forgot? Or did he steal from you?

You will get through another phone. I work on the cell phone you lost on the hope to find him in case he has not stole from you as we have about the thieves they work to lock The phone immediately the disarmament, provided the precaution of a preliminary.

But what if the phone is called, and there was, like, into it “alive” without a response from anyone, what’s the means that enables you to access your lost phone How do you determine its geographical location on the map, perhaps you forgot it at work or you dropped somewhere.

Google services are many and complex, including what is activated automatically without I know, since you’re working on use the Android System “Google” and in advance by logging into the phone using your account in the Gmail without to Google, we can say that you’re safe even by the hope to get to your lost phone as Google works to control the coordinates of the phone are instantaneous and probably without knowing.

But in return , allows you Google access to those services and management, when needed to know the location of your mobile phone, you should move immediately you lose your phone to the nearest computer and log in to Google using your email that you use on your mobile telephone.

Ways to access your lost phone through Google’s services

You must go to the Services page at the following link:

Look at the tab Find my phone in the bottom of the window and click on it as in the picture:

Work here to determine the type of mobile phone where Google is working to display more of the phone that you are using two phones or more in the same email:

We have here confirmation to enter the password for the account your e-mail to talk to the next step, here you’ll find the tab-Ring or locate your phone, which allows you to connect the phone Ring and having to work to display the location of your phone on a map which is the option most beneficial to Locate.

Includes tab previous option allows you to formate your phone after you Erase it in case the phone is found in a home or a safe place when one of the relatives, but you want to insure yourself so that he can’t anyone access to your photos and your data on the phone, in case you haven’t activated the screen lock in advance.

You’ll find a lot of the stuff in Google’s services allows you to lock the screen remotely and send a message to whoever finds the phone includes a number of interaction between you.

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