The site iFixit offers now card for iPhone equipment replaced for less than $ 29

Apple found itself in trouble recently, after he found out the users they say it iPhone to conserve battery, although it made clear that the decision is performance was intended to prolong the life of the old battery, and reduced the price of the battery, but it won’t be available until late January. In the code, The Company said iFixit that the proposed reform of company Apple is “only temporary”, indicating that the battery prices will rise again after a year from now, which leaves many owners of the iPhone in the same situation who are you now. Read also: tip: how to check the performance and battery for iPhone your The company has cut the prices of battery for iPhone a promise of a replacement to the$ 29 maximum, a display is available starting today instead of waiting until late January to apply Apple their batteries at the new price. So you can now get a new battery and a promise of a replacement from iFixit at a starting price of 16.99$ iPhone 4s price up to$ 29 for the iPhone 7. Source: iFixit

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