The size of a 292-inch.. amazing specification for the screen Wall Luxury Samsung

Meet the company electronics giant Samsung promises to issue a home version of the sophisticated screens by providing a screen Wall Luxury, a TV is more ambitious and designed the most beautiful places of residence to lend a decorative touch to a wonderful place, begins the size of this screen of 73 inches and accurately 1080 pixels only, but there are ones equipped with MicroLED which allow them to expand even 292 inches and a resolution of 8K.

Specification of screen Wall Luxury

شاشة Wall Luxury بحجم 292 بوصة.. مفاجأة سامسونج في شهر يوليوScreen Wall Luxury size 292 inches.. surprise Samsung in the month of July

Can cover almost the wall of the large living room on this giant screen and appropriately gives you a wonderful aesthetic touch, where Samsung is set to use the “ambient mode” for that screen to decorate your space that you will know in which screen the work of art in addition to being the display, but at the same time, you can certainly afford the electricity bill if you decide to buy this model, if those screens are characterized by a range of features that give you a quality outside the range of usual, they have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, andthe technique of HDR , which can reach up to the brightness of the Miss 2000 Nan.

Will be the screen Wall Luxury available all over the world in the month of July next, and did not say Samsung on price yet, but let’s be honest this screen anyway, so this wonderful technologies which make you like you already live event you are watching, maybe up the price to thousands of dollars from Samsung, it will increase the worth certainly when you get to the town as a result of adding other fees to their price.

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