The Skype app will finally feature the recording of conversations this month


You may think that the call recording will be one of the basic features provided by the service conversations of the famous Skype, but this is not the case. After nearly 15 years on the launch of the service for the first time, now confirmed officially that the recording of calls in Skype will be released later this month. Confirmed Microsoft today they will add the feature of call recording to Skype later this month.

The advantage of recording calls in Skype will help on the cloud so that users will be able to record their calls across all devices. This feature will be available in the Skype application on different operating systems, including Windows and MacOS, Android and iOS and Linux. Once the user begins recording the call, will be notified to all those involved in the call that is being recorded. Include recordings and videos of all the people and all the screens that have been shared during the call.

Is recording conversations is one of the many that will be adapted to Microsoft to Skype later this summer. Features include new read receipts which allows users to see who reads his letters in a jiffy. Once you read someone’s message, there will be a avatar of their own in the bottom within a conversation Skype. This will be particularly useful in group conversations so users are able to find out if everyone was familiar with the latest messages.

Microsoft will also launch version 8.0 of the application Skype for iPad during the summer, which offers features such as messages, indexation, les Custom, the list of chat, and @mentions, and more.



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