The smartphone market, leading retreats, and still Apple controlled almost half of it


Reported institution Counterpoint Research in its most recent report that the market for flagship smartphones shrunk by 8 percent globally during the first three months of this year with the knowledge that this institution took the Name ” Telephone Pioneer ” on each smart phone costs more than $ 400.

Shipments fell Apple by 20 percent compared with the same period last year. Part of the reason is the stuck consumers phones iPhone their own for a longer time, the majority of consumers cling to phones iPhone their own on average about 3 years while this was expected with regard to two in years past. Other factor behind this decline is the decrease of shipments in China.

While still North America is the largest market for smartphones leading with a market share of 30%, but China continues to reduce the gap with him, when its market share reached 26%. However, the Chinese market has been slow in the first quarter, which was the other major factor in the global slowdown.

Is Huawei the third largest seller of smart phones leading the world thanks to its success with its smart phones the leading provider of camera brand Leica. I surpassed Apple in China, but there is a problem looming on the landscape.


The trade embargo imposed on the Chinese company will slow down the global growth of the company. Represent leading smartphones 18% of the total shipments of Huawei Group, which is the most profitable. But with low sales, the company Huawei reduction of marketing budgets, research and development in the future.

Exclude Samsung from the struggle of both Apple and Huawei. A quarter of the leading smartphones that were shipped in the first quarter of this year was carrying the brand of Samsung. Analysts say that the Galaxy S10 was the best in terms of value compared with the iPhone, which helped Samsung to secure the largest share in the market over the past 12 months.

Considered to break into the smartphone market leading to be difficult for newcomers because it depends on having a strong brand. He succeeded the company OnePlus in the break-in is among the top five companies are best in this market, not just globally, but in North America too. Since its launch in India, maintained for OnePlus 6T for the title of flagship phone the best-selling in the country, including the first quarter of this year.

Analysts believe that the phones 5G rule will help the growth of the smartphone sector a leading. It will take some time before this technology into smart phones available, it is expected that all smart phones that support the 5G in the years 2019 and 2020 of the high-end models.

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