The Spanish football federation’s spying on the follow-up International through the official app

الاتحاد الاسباني لكرة القدم يتجسس على متابعي الدوري من خلال التطبيق الرسمي

It seems that all users apply the La Liga official La Liga on shop Google Play have been subjected to by the Spanish football federation, which is a scandal to the Spanish and to the users of the application.

Featured this users sudden after the last update to the investigation that was bound to the Law of the new EU to protect the user GDPR, which requires the store to give a hint about all the things the application can do it on the phone, after this update back to the app uses data to place GPS as well as the microphone.

Any that the app will enable the Spanish or the Association of international of knowledge of the location of all users as well as tapping on all the sounds that reach the microphone, including voice of the user or the audience in the stadiums and other things.

In a statement issued by the Association of La Liga, said that this was not with a view to obtaining users ‘ data public, but for the protection of the League clubs and users of the broadcast of the games, or your League, which would register a loss of 150 million euros to the clubs.

And comfort in her statement about it being intended for users in Spain only, as it was developed in June 8 only at the end of last week.

But the question now is; can believe the statement of people who have dared to think of spying on users without warning is?


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