The specialists of iFixit explained why broken display Galaxy Fold

Recently, media around the world wrote not a single material that flexible displays in some instances, the Fold of the new Galaxy from Samsung failed just out of the blue. These incidents have even prompted Samsung to delay the launch of smartphone in the world. Unsuccessful debut of the Galaxy Fold has forced many to wonder what went wrong with the world’s first production folding smartphone, the start of sales of which was held in the very near future, especially considering the price of almost 2000 dollars.

To understand why it promised to be a good smartphone flagship of Samsung was to die right in front, decided known specialists of the resource iFixit, which already more than 10 years understand study of the innards of various devices. iFixit has conducted a phased opening, in which it has been suggested that the design of the Galaxy Fold “scary fragile”, especially around his super fancy joint.

Although the actual mechanism of folding and looks sturdy, protection against penetration of foreign objects just simply have no dirt can easily get inside, naturally stuck between the hinge and the plastic OLED screen.

It is the lack of protection against ingress of foreign bodies into the body of the device, as suggested by the specialists of iFixit, is the fault of at least one of the breakdowns Galaxy Fold during use by journalists. Dieter Bohn (Dieter Bohn) from the publication The Verge said that the screen of the Galaxy Fold one day, suddenly, was noticeably bulging in the region of the joint, which subsequently led to the failure of a few pixels.

If iFixit is right, then in this case, all the fault of the steel dust particles trapped under the screen is turn naked outside hinge mechanism, and this in turn means that Samsung may have to make significant changes in the design of the device to match whatever any standards of everyday use smartphone and not falling apart in the first few days of use.

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