The specification of the phone Asus ROG new

I hesitated since the news about the launch of the phone Asus ROG’s new in the month of July next, and now confirmed Asus that, in addition to detecting some of the features and specifications of this phone the games, came from within, what you mentioned, the Asus is also the company’s partnership with Tencent Game, the certificate of BattleGrounds for PlayerUnknown, the game Fight new The One Man.

Some of the specifications of the phone Asus ROG

مواصفات هاتف Asus ROG الجديد وموعد إطلاقه وسعرهThe specification of the phone Asus ROG new and release date and its price

Confirmed Asus to the name of the phone detail is Asus ROG Phone 2, has announced that it will come with the screen of 120Hz, this means that the screen is updated with a new image 120 times per second, which is useful for various functions, especially gaming, where can be reactions and quick reflexes are useful in competitive situations, enjoy the phone Asus ROG Phone 2 at a rate of refresh of 120 Hz, which makes it suitable with phone Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2, which is currently the smart phones are only capable of understanding those specifications.

Game consoles market competition, coupled with a series phones Asus ROG and Razer Phone, and Black Shark 2 which has been launched just now, so the addition of the screen of 120 Hz to her phone is an important way to put the Asus above the competition, we don’t know much about the phone Asus ROG other than the screen is 120Hz, but we expect to see it issued in July based on the statements of officials of the company about this.

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