The specifications of the Galaxy Xcove 5 new Samsung

Been adopted Galaxy Xcove 5 new Samsung by Wi-Fi Alliance with the Android Pie, and protects the device model number SM-G398F, it is noteworthy that the model number of the Xcover 4 SM-G389F, it is known that the inclusion of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 Samsung New Zealand temporarily last year, but failed to appear officially, and may seek Samsung to finally change that.

Some specifications of the Galaxy Xcove 5

بعض مواصفات هاتف Galaxy Xcove 5 الجديد من سامسونجSome specifications of the Galaxy Xcove 5 new Samsung

The site WinFuture last year published a tweet on his Twitter account showing through her vivid image of the potential for Xcover 5, as shown the rear camera is one of the three flashes of the LED are shown in a vertical manner on the right side, has not been confirmed that. if this device is actually successor of the Galaxy Xcover 4, but with a settings dual camera is very popular and in demand even on phones with limited budget in these days, it is possible that the company Samsung to postpone the launch of the device Xcover 5 to make the cameras more compelling.

For the rest of the components of the telephone, we only know what is the slideshow that will run the device and the amount of RAM, reveal the lists of Samsung SM-G398FN on Geekbench for the Exynos 7885, 3 GB of random access memory (RAM) under the cover of the phone, which makes it similar to a great extent some of the phones such as the Galaxy M20.

As is the case with all devices Xcover, the device must be Xcover 5 water-resistant through the degree IP68 and the rigidity of class military, and we hope to see more information emerge in the coming weeks to provide us with better information about the content of the device.

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