The split in Cardano: the founder of the coin and community members have demanded the resignation of Cardano Foundation

Among developers Cordano was split — the community coins its founder, Charles Hoskinson made against the head Cardano Foundation Michael Parsons. They accused him of using the draft to their advantage. For example, the head of the Fund hired unqualified staff, among whom were his family members.

In an attempt to decentralize the coin Cardano administration has divided its management into three organizations — IOHK under the control of Hoskinson, which is engaged in software development; Emurgo that helps companies to create products based on Cardano and Cardano Foundation to control the development of the infrastructure of the coin.

What happens to Cardano

Recently, Hoskinson published an open letter in which he accused Parsons of violating the rules of the project. The document said that the head of Cardano Foundation hired his son-in-law that did not meet the qualification requirements, and appropriated the money allocated for the infrastructure development of the coin. Also, Parsons was accused of “zero interaction with the community Cardano” — in particular, employee administration never communicated with the developers and miners.

A few days later, members of the community coin, launched a petition in which demanded to force Parsons to leave his post.

If you believe in the future of coins or cryptocurrencies, regardless of the availability of regulatory or other things, you should support us. Some developers coins deserve a fair trial. If you share the same vision, sign the petition — your voice will help us to make the Parsons to resign and bring him to court.

However, Parsons still has his office — while community members Cordano are unable to find an effective way to confront him. Information prepared in NullTX.


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